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Storing foam - any special requirements?


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Due to the hassles of getting large stuff shipped up here to the Wilds of Canda, I've decided to get all the big and/or heavy stuff in one go.


This means I wll potentially be storing some of my foam for a long time. Is there anything special I should to do to protect it? Will it age/get brittle/deform/develp surface irregularities etc?


I am assuming the f/glass will be OK so long as I keep it clean and dry.

Trevor Howard

Edmonton, AB




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That might be me.


Actually, foam is a big shipping saver - and much of it is available in Canada, Divinicel PVC possibly not at preferable pricing, but usually reasonable, Styro is about the same, and urethane is usually available also. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other!


Much of the hardware I've bought from Demel Aircraft in Penticton at comparable prices, and I prefer to leave my money in Canada - especially with how volatile the $ has been.


Depending on which epoxy you plan to use, there are C$ suppliers relatively local to you. Aeropoxy you can get from Leavens in Edmonton, MGS, I'm not sure who's local, but Toronto has it.


Now, to answer your question :-)

Glass - clean and dry. Foams - clean and covered and protected from bumps. Certainly out of the light really helps.


Private Msg me for more.


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<, and I prefer to leave my money in Canada - especially with how volatile the $ has been.>


As an American, I make it a point to NEVER patronize a Canadian business even though I live right next door. This goes for France and Germany also!!

Dave Clifford

"The Metal Man" Musketeer

Vise grip hands and Micrometer eyes!!


Cozy MKIV Plans #656

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Well - especially for Clifford - as originally a Sarnia boy, it has to do with border hassles and excessive brokerage charges, nothing else.


UPS Shipment as an example - a US$9.50 charge to ship to Buffalo on a package instantly becomes US$34 to get it 30 miles further north. Now there are local taxes on it, but those are the same no matter how I import it. Then UPS will have the nerve to collect an additional ~$40 (US$30) for processing the paperwork to collect the tax, and then US$5.00 for collecting the tax! That's US$60, or recently $100 CDN for the privilege of ordering from the USA. Ordering from some other countries is simply prohibitive!


We won't mention that a several of the items are manufactured in Canada, shipped to the US, then shipped back which can often double the out of pocket cost.


It's simply economics - nothing more, nothing less!




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