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Woo Hoo!!! -- Oshkosh

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As an Oshkosh newbie... I was curious to know who in this group is going and, more importantly from a future builder's perspective, what is happening at the show that I should not miss?!?!?! I know about the general show from the website, but what items not listed may be happening that I should shoot for? ie: composite classes, cozy meetings, etc.


Thanks and here's hoping for little fluffy clouds!

This ain't rocket surgery!

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It's "Airventure 2003" if you want to be PC:p


You need to get there early, preferably in time to hear the yodler.


If you park in the lot closest to the main gate(where you buy your ticket)walk through the main gate. You will see four big buildings. Go to the second one on the left. You should see Nat's Cozy parked in front of the building. Continue toward the flight line and stop at the EAA store and buy your first Oshkosh/Airventure pin. Make a left and go past the fly market to the Forum buildings. Just on the far side you will find the canard parking area.

Every year there is a race from Kitty Hawk to Oshkosh. This year there is talk of more than 30 canards competing because of the first flight anniversary. If they follow past practice, these planes should be parked at show center.

As far as seeing everything, good luck!! I go all week with two other people. We split up and later report on things we know will be interesting to each other. I always miss something.

Forums are an individual preference. 90% are worth sitting through IMHO. If you are 10 minutes early and there is standing room only, its a good one. Rutan has good forums, Gary Hunter has a good composite do's and don'ts forum, the composites 101 is good for hands on, and it runs every day. There is a cozy forum(and a cozy dinner!).

If you are interested in alternative engines, there is a forum saturday morning for that.


"We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."


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Hello all,


I plan on flying via a jet propelled steel tube on the 31st. I'm flying into Michigan late Thursday night where I should have a rental car awaiting me.


My girlfriend and I will drive to Osh Kosh from there, were hoping to camp out. I've read several articles on where to camp. Any suggestions would be helpful.







Cozy IV project.


Redheaded Stepchild of The Canard Community :bad:

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