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Oshkosh Cozy & Canard Events

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I'm preparing for Oshkosh and was trying to put together my things to do while there. The Cozy Forum is 8/1 1-2:15 pm. What other canard or good homebuilding events are going on and when/where? Is there a central states hot dog roast? There is always the hombulders dinner, etc... There was a very nice get together by Blue Mountain Avionics last year. The cookout at the seaplane base is usually something special.


Don't forget the SFQ flyin on Friday just prior to Oshkosh!!!


I thought the forum would be a good place to compile the list. Besides I don't want to miss something really nice!


Kindest regards.....Tim

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I am leaving the Detroit area Thursday afternoon, So I'll motor on in late at night. Weel after the Thursday night homebuilders dinner, which is 6-9pm.


The Cozy forum is 1-2:15pm as you state.

The Cozy dinner is 6pm Saturday evening.


There are a number of forums. Of interest I noticed:


Composites 101

Weight and Balance

Basic Electrical Wiring

Rotary Engine Conversions

Safetying and Propeller Installation

Everything You Need to Know for Certification of Amateur Built Aircraft

Cause and Prevention of Landing Accidents

Weather Strategies

How Safe are Those Clouds

How much is Too Much - Don't be Fuelish

Preventative Maintenance for Pilots and Technicians

Why Engines Really Quit: The Top Ten Reasons

Epoxy Resins - Do's & Don'ts

How to Register and Certificate Your Homebuilt

Amateur-built Aircraft Operating Limitations - Understanding Them

Propeller Considerations for Homebuilt Aircraft

First Flight of Your Homebuilt Aircraft

Designing/Upgrading an Experimental Avionics Panel

Radio Installation and Troubleshooting

Basic Aircraft Painting

Painless Avionics Wiring

Two Stroke Comeback - The Compound Piston Engine

Tips for the Perfect Avionics Installation

Compression Check

Fimal Inspection: Is it Ready to Fly?

Experimental Aircraft Interiors

Performance Flight Testing of your Aircraft

Composite Vacuum Resin Infusion

Basic Spray Painting


Shoulder Harness and Your Life

Emerging New Aircraft Engines: Diesels & Turbines

Franklin Aircraft Engines

Lubrication and Care of Opposed Piston Engines


There are more, but who has time for this list?

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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