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Looking for builders in the U.K.

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Hello fellow builders,

I'm wanting to locate any Cozy builders living in the U.K. I'll be making the move from San Antonio to Lakenheath in September and want to make some contacts out there. I'm hoping to bring part of my project out there to continue building for the next three years and would like to find out about the challenges of british homebuilding. Thank you.


Terry Winnett

Plans #792

Chapters all over the place.

Terry Winnett, Capt, USAF

Cozy MkIV #792

RAF Lakenheath, U.K.

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hi terry im jim ..theres what i think is a berkut that flies over my house in essex quite alot im trying to trace the owner as i would like some pictures as im looking at building an ic rc version of about 60inch wingspan anymore info and i.ll let you know all the best jim...:) :) :) :)

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Hi Terry.

I live north of lakenheath by 50 miles.The city is called Norwich.I am a pilot flying with the airlines over here.I am into the long-ez build or purchase at this stage.I will be retiring in 3 years and hoping to fly one.

There is a Cozy builder in England,but he is quite away from the lakenheath area.He is in the current listof CSA members listed under U.K.

When you get settled in at lakenheath, send me a message here if you want to meet up to talk Cozy/Canards.

Regards Ivan Palmer

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