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start building the canard first?


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Would like some input from you experienced builder on starting with the canard chapter 10 first. Have my shop set up, need to order supplies to start. Thought the cannard would be a good test of my skill. It looks fairly complex, if I can complete this chapter ok the rest would be a piece of cake! If not, have'nt spent a lot of money. What does anyone think about this subject? THANKS

CODEN SR, Builder MK IV #1146

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Personally, I wouldn't. Why not let your skills build and then do the canard. Start with the nice and flat bulkheads, then the slightly curving sides etc, etc.


Don't worry about your ability, I have absolutly no doubt of your ability and see no need to "put it to the test"


Laying up the glass is a "little" tricky, you get the hang of moving it around. If you start on the canard you have no ability yet and it will be harder than necessary.


I really mean, "little", when you put it down you have to make small movements to get it in place, you can't just drag it 2 inches to reposition and you will get he nack of it easy on the bulkheads. Also you have to radious the corners on the sheer web and if you don't do it enough it will be hard to get it to lay right and if you take it step by step you will have radioused corners and found what works.


There is a learning curve (for curves he he he) and you might as well take advantage of it. Any builders near you?

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Yep. Mike's right. Stick to the steps in the plans fairly closely. The canard is probably THE most critical flight surface on the plane. Kinda like starting to study medicine by doing brain surgury on yourself. :(


Another reason to start in Chapter 4 is that various techniques are explained in more detail in the early chapters. Later on it's assumed that you know them. You won't save money either, because towards the end of the project you'll probably look at the canard, decide it's not good enough, scrap it and do it again.


As Mike said - don't worry. You can do this.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Yep, agree with Mike. I have chosen to do my fuselage first, to help develop skill. When I first got my kit, the idea of cutting it or working on it scared the hell out of me (after all it is my largest single purchase ever (excluding my home, even my Jaguar XJ was cheaper....of course I bought that as a "proven vehicle", uh, used)


The actual flight surfaces, IMHO, are more criticle (I know, it is all criticle).


I originally considerd the fast build options due to my lack of knowledge and experience, however now, I love the idea I kinda know what I am doing and the extra $17,500 for all of the Velo's fast build can be used for those unexpected expenses that come up, like mortgage payments and the weekends.




All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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