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three new main areas needed

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we need three areas that the forum should be split up into


1 flying people that have done it and it works.


2 building people that are doing it right now and have hard decisions to make and do now


3 wanna be builders that are haveing fun with thoughts on what could be done


I know it can't be done, but just a thought.

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Everyone gains by mixing the three types you mention, but it would be nice to "qualify" the input - Perhaps people could be strongly encouraged to use the membership status line in the profile (which shows up on every post) to include and update this info - e.g.


Flying Cozy IV

Cozy IV, just wires & pipes to do

Cozy IV, Chapter 6




"Senior member" is a waste of pixels.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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The forum software did this automatically when you hit 100 posts.

Being a "Senior Member" based on how much noise you make isn't helpful. I changed it to say "building status unknown" until people put something meaningful in their profile. In you're case, MT, I'd suggest something from you're signature line, perhaps....:)

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Hey Dust & Turtle,


I first wanna say what an fantastic idea to hack up your floor and move the fuselage out that way. I never would have thought to have done that had I not been able to view this forum as a tier 3 wanna be builder that is having fun with thoughts on what could be done. What about the guy without a garage who thought he never could have done that either? I love the picks! Marble Turtle did you ever find that guys name and number? You know the one. The guy whos plane you literaly fell into as I recall. Did you guys just wake up one morning and decide to build a canard pusher without speaking to anyone? What made you decide to build a pusher canard?




(This excludes you mr. slade)


"Everyone gains by mixing the three types you mention"


What a great place! A builder wanna be (BWB) that can actually ask tier 1 and tier 2 elitest like yourselves on how I could possibly do something differently than the guy/girl before me. By the way did you hear the "New" post on www.cozyaircraft.com? The one that says "April 2003 interview"? Listen to it! It has Mr. Puffer explaing how he modified Rutan plans with out permission. And how Rutan was a bit miffed at how somebody was modifiying his plans. That is untill he had a better Idea about what Nat was doing. Mr. turbo! Where would you fall into this forum? Each chapter is a different part of your life. Considering how long it takes to build. You have the "know-how" on many of the chapters but you have not yet experienced the engine portion. You do have an idea on what you want to do. But has anyone done it? Are you a Tier 1 2 or 3 on that aspect? In all fairness you did say that it could not be done.


"I know it can't be done, but just a thought."


I feel you are completely correct about the "can't be done part". What do you mean buy just a thought? Think about how that makes someone in my shoes feel when they read something like this. Are SOME cozy builders reluctant to contribute once they have reached a certain stage in thier project? Is this the builder support that is referenced @ the home page?


"stupid people from posting."


Hey MarbleTurtle how stupid did you feel when you slipped on that guys Cozy trying to get in it? I would rather slip here first. How about you? Why don't you mention your experience with the guy @ Atlanta Motor Speedway. Liabilty ring a bell? Just thought I would remind you. :rolleyes:



As far as this unqualified non plan owner is concerned. I happen to work @ an architecture firm and am not stupid just because I have not started the build. Ideas are just that, ideas. And anyone can come up with an idea that could possibly help you, belive that or not. Has Burt Rutan ever built a Cozy? I'm sure he could teach you a thing or two.


Look, I know I seem a wee bit pissed. The entire reason that this forum is here is to bring people like me and people like you togethter. To help us make the decision that you made for what ever reason it is that you made it. You want to express your progress and experince in your project? The best place to do that is in a builders web page. Believe me for those of us that are truely interested we read them several times front to back. If you want more info from builders on what they have done, then jump on them or yourself for not having or haveing an up to date builders page. That may eleminate alot of the "stupid" questions that are asked here . (Back to the we read them front to back portion of my rant)


Do you remember how you felt when you were trying to convince your wife or whomever to build this plane. Do you remeber when you did not own plans? My point simply put is that we all start somewhere. To exclude or classify someones post based on experince of a Cozy build is not possible. Why not get all your kooky ideas out of your head by asking those who have passed before you. We can all contribute/ learn in some way. Even if it means acting as a slave on another portion of either of your projects Mike. Abuse the Newbies! PLEASE! All we want to do is learn. Just like you Bud. ;) I must say that I would love the experience of helping a tier 1,2 or 3 builder like yourself.:D


Could you Imagine how many Cozies would have ever gotten off the ground had Mr. Puffer ever taken this attitude? let me give you an idea. One! Not the second one he built to make the plans from. Better yet ,had he not ever thought to modify something at all. None of us would be here today pissing and moaning.:)



Cheers to


Mr. Nat Puffer


Someone who does not mind passing on his experience and dealing with the 1,000 (plus) newbies that have asked him 10,000 (plus) rediculous questions as potential plans owners, but are now flying!


Happiest regards on your 80 + years of life Bud :cool:

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No, you are taking me wrong, only because i wrote it wrong.



Area 1 - Total conjecture on plane building with no connection to reality in the near future, but fun any way


Area 2 - Real problems faced by current builders, NOW, AND THESE PROBLEMS ARE SELF MADE BECAUSE WE ARE MODIFYING, if you don't modify, you don't have any problems, it is in the plans.


Area 3 - can't put it into words, maybe only two classes needed.


Look, I have supported this forum to the best of my ability, in answering any and all questions that I am capable of. And supporting all who come.


I have also learned a great deal from the members of this forum, especially the non builders, who have a depth of knowledge far ahead of most, in many areas.


It's not three tiers, it's two sets of problems. What if I do this when I start building and what if I do this NEXT week.


Now for example of the third area, was chuckthedog's conversation on heat, this made a whole lot of sence to me as i plan on flying up to 25000 or so feet, regularly. I am modifying the heat system, based on his comments, I probably shouldn't, because he has a great amount of practical experience and i will probably rip out my ideas and kick myself for not following rock solid advice, but I will go into it eyes wide open. I will also start the heater mods TOMMOROW.



So, TES111 I didn't mean to insult any who come, I was just thinking out loud on a problem I have. Knowing if someone is building or not is not really a problem, you can tell by what is said when they say it, wether they know what they are talking about, but sometimes, having someone with experience helps in judging advice.


Believe what i say about chaps in the first book, been there done that, the rest are speculation on my part, speculation is fine, it is just not the same.

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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