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Anyone coming to atlanta in thier Cozy MK IV. I would love to get a look @ one in person. I have read just about every builder page that I can get my eyes on from front to back. I'm pretty sure that its the plane for me. The specs are there however I just want to see the back seat and maybe even sit in one while making vroom, vroom noises :rolleyes: If anyone is buzzing in to PDK, RYY, LZU or FTY post it here. I would love to have a closer look.



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There is one down at the airport next to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I'll see if I can find the name and number somewhere. He let me try his on for size, but after I slipped and fell in trying to climb in the cockpit, he was not in any mood to take me up flying. Something about "liability" and "I'll take you up when you finish your own plane." (???)


Oh, also don't mention all the great information you can find on the internet unless you want a lecture.


Now what did I do with his number...

This ain't rocket surgery!

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