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Turbo Heat


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A blasphemous question I know but here goes...


Does a turbo have more heat than a NA engine?


I suggest that in a low boost aircraft engine turbo application that you really have a very small fuel burn increase. Since that is the source of all the heat there should be a corrisponding small increase in heat output.


If the above is true then it should take relativly little more effort to adequatly cool a turbo install, but reports from builders suggest differently.


What did I miss?

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The heat sink I understand, but heat sinks dont add degrees or watts to a system, so they should add no load to the cooling system.


wait a minute...


exhaust gas tempature.

the exhaust volume should be about the same but the temp is lower on the turbo. So the heat is either became work (commpressing the air) or rejected while waiting for the work to happen.


So turbos add a portion of the heat rejected in the exhaust that we didnt have to deal with before.


Ok, can I delete this now.

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>Ok, can I delete this now

Perhaps not.


One of the reasons for using a turbo, at least on a rotary, is sound absorsion. A muffler is a large heat sink. With a turbo you can pipe the exhaust straight out the back with a 3 inch pipe. Rather than rattling around inside a muffler and giving up a lot of it's heat, whats left of the heat goes out the back... and burns a hole in the prop. Much better!

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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