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Engine Stand Adapter


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If you've ever tried to mount a rotary to a typical engine stand, you've discovered it don't work well. You need to attach the engine stand to the Front cover to make assembly/dissasembly a snap.


These sell for like 60-90 bucks which bugs me. It's a frickin piece of steel, this sort of thing can be made by hand by any shop in 5 minutes and the material would cost $15.00 at most


So I built my own.

I used a 3' long piece of angle iron, cut into 4 pieces. The pieces are nested together to form an upside-down lowercase letter "h"


If you have access to a welder, you can weld this up, or if you're like me you can use two bolts to hold it all together. This adapter has some spring in it- it moves a bit when I stand on it with the engine attached, but it seems pretty safe so far.


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