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FREE FOOD at Fast Glass Fly-In

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Hello Everyone!


The Fast Glass Fly-In is really taking shape. (at Suffolk, VA (KSFQ), May 17-18). We are getting unprecedented response from the Canard and the Lancair Groups.


We need some fast Canards for the race!!


Three things you need to know right off the bat:



1. We are now providing a FREE BREAKFAST and LUNCH on Saturday! Just show up to claim them! If you can, you are encouraged to bring a dessert so we can REALLY pig out.


2. If you haven't done so already, please send us a courtesy reply to let us know you're coming. We need a head count for food planning. Also, let us know if you're planning to enter the Time Trials (race). We'd like to get a head count to determine the classes and know how many plaques to make up for bragging rights.


3. Keep checking the FAST GLASS website for the latest and greatest information concerning the fly-in and the race. We will be posting the race course and pilots instructions later this week. http://www.maddyhome.com/canardpages/pages/waynehicks/fastglassflyin.html



Just a reminder of what will be happening:


Arrival Check in at the terminal building for your free breakfast, lunch, and giveaway tickets


7AM Bagels and primo Coffee available


8AM-10AM Full Breakfast served (Breakfast is on us!)


10AM (approximate time) Pilot's briefing for the Time Trials


11AM (approximate time) Start of the Time Trials. Race Details to be posted to website later this week.


12Noon-2PM Lunch (We're picking up the tab for that too!)


All Afternoon Marvel Time (drool over cool planes), Bragging Time (I built my plane in 400 hours), Ride Exchange Program (Can I get a ride in that plane?)


Late Afternoon Door prizes and Giveaways


PS--> I've been told that the GAS PRICES at Suffolk are CHEAP! 100LL is less than 2 bucks/gallon. We're working with airport management for final price for participants.



Wayne Hicks

Fast Glass Extravaganza Fly-In

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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