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Oh my, that flywheel nut SUCKS!


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After making my angle iron into a pretzel, I bolted a chain to the flywheel and block, preventing the flywheel from turning on me. Then I used a propane torch, trying to break to oxides- no good. I was standing on the end of a 4 foot breaker bar, jumping up and down, expecting the bar to snap at any moment (it was bending around 10-15 degrees)And STILL it wouldn't budge-all this was after soaking it with penetrant for days.


Finally, I went by harbor freight tools to get a nut-splitter, and they had a 1/2" electric impact wrench on sale for $50( No air tools yet :(). I thought-"what the hell", and decided to give it a try. it took a few minutes of hammering on it with the impact wrench- but it did the trick.


I'm pretty sure Bruce T. was messing with me on the video... "lightly bounce on it, and it will break free" Yeah RIGHT :)

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