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Hi Canardiens,


First thanks to all of you replying on my previous post regarding the choice of electronic Ignition. I'm still not quite sure which one to go for, it will be the Rose or the Lightspeed one. Looks like both are pretty equal...



Totally beside the subject...my COZY is French registered and next year I would like to change it to the "N" register, since I'm planning to operate it outside Europe. Does anybody of you guys have an idea what the procedure is to do so? Maybe somebody on this forum did the same...? My COZY was initially build in the US (+50%), until the French builder left the US and moved back to France. So it was never really registered there.

Also, I understand that the "conditional inspection" need to be done by an A&P or somebody with a repairsman certificate. Once again, I'm NOT the builder, but I'm allowed to do the annual inspection under the French regulations. My question....Can you ever receive an FAA Repairsman certificate without being the builder?


I'm an EAA member....may they can do something for me?! Any thoughts?



Again too many questions....,


Thanks for your usual understanding,



Best regards,






PS: Included with this is a pic of my little baby...


Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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