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Burt does it again: Next stop the X-prize.


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We got kicked into the waiting list. 1st Cavalry Division's deployment has supposedly been postponed or cancelled for the immediate future, though we're still waiting on the official word. CNN seems to think we're not going anywhere, and most of the time they find out before we do. In any event, it seems unlikely that I'll be over there soon enough to see significant tax benefits, considering the current state of hostilities in that theater.


In the meantime we're still loading gear and working like we'll be leaving yeasterday. Official line is "The 1st Cavalry Division is in reciept of deployment orders in support of the Global War on Terrorism." Read what you want to into that.


What any of this has to do with the x-prize, I have no clue. Just thought I'd throw it out there for the curious. Guess I gotta change my signature now.



Speaking of Rutan's shot at the x-prize;

I was reading the various articles I saw posted on his project yesterday and saw nothing specific concerning the craft he intends to use as the carrier vehicle. I see some references about it being based on Scaled Composites' Proteus craft, but is it a derivative, an alternate configuration, or an entirely new aircraft? My understanding was that Proteus was designed with a similar use in mind. Was it not up to the task or are we seeing a payload variant of the original modular configuration?

Evan Kisbey

Cozy Mk IV plans # 1114

"There may not be any stupid questions, but I've seen LOTS of curious idiots..."

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