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Electronic ignition...which one?


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Hi Canardiens,


One of my future update plans for my COZY (3) is changing one of the magnetos (2 Bendix) over to an Electronic Ignition system. I have the LYC O-235 engine installed. Have a few questions for you guys concerning the choice of electronic IGN:


* Which type of Elec. IGN should I go for, with the O-235-C2A engine on my COZY ? Believe LASAR is not available for the O-235...


* I find Xaviers Lightspeed interesting, is the extra money worth to buy the PLUS version of the PlasmaII ?


* Still about the Lightspeed, Which one is preferable, the Direct Crank sensor or the Hall effect module version?


* Has anybody of you experience with Autogas and Electronic IGN? Yes I know there is a lot of discussion about Autogas...please keep this for another time. Would Elec IGN be better or worse with Autogas use?


* Any real figures on the installation time? Believe the Direct crank system takes more time...correct?


* All other info regarding ELectronic IGN systems more than welcome!



Save flying to all of you,






Flying was my first love and it will be my last one!

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I have the Lightspeed aviation ign and 1 mag. I also burn auto gas - no problems in 175 hrs. The hall effect module is the best way to go. Simple installation. I did have some initial probelms with the coax between the modules and coils. I made new ones of my own and no problems. It is also easy sytem to troubleshoot. A real plus.


Tim Cozy N215TW

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