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side hold downs


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I used drywall screws to hold the fuselage foam to the jigs. I had no divots to fill or fix.


....Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678, Chapter 23 Engine and Cowls



(No dry wall screw are ever harmed in the production of my airplane.)

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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Yeah, these divots are awful. Wish I would have followed Wayne's method on this one. I have a bunch of divots on each side, and epoxy leaked through at the fuel gauge area... this made a big mess and I had to fill in a big area with micro. I fixed some larger divots with the foam that ripped out, fixed smaller ones with just micro. I hope all this micro in my fuselage sides doesn't cause any problems down the road.

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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