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Thumbin' to Sun-N-Fun


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I need a lift to Sun-N-Fun. Anyone flyin by DuckTown GA wanna stop and give me a lift? It has a 3000ft dirt field which is okay if it hasn't been raining. Even if it has been raining my cousin George can pull us out if we get stuck.


If DuckTown won't work... KDNN (Dammit GA) is close by. Its 5000' and has a windsock too! Be careful of Mr. Forrester though. He won Powerball a while back... but didn't finish his flyin lessons before buying a plane. He doesn't have very good no-tower approach eticut... he told me that ever since he got rich, his new philosofy in life is "Screw it, I got money." The FAA man tried to pay him a visit once a while back, but Mr. Forrester has big dogs and an even bigger gun collection. He still flies.


Anyhow... if anyone would not mind stopping by and giving me a ride to the show, I'll make sure my dog gets a bath beforehand and is quiet on the ride down.


Oh, and if anyone else needs a ride, feel free to use this post to tell where you need to be picked up from.

This ain't rocket surgery!

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I'll be there in 2 hours, just trying to get this dam yugo engine installed and the wings put on plane, it might be windy, no canopy or turtledeck, so the dog can dry enroute and he will have to share the back seat with 2 5 gal gas cans, havn't built the fuel tanks yet.


Please put a tarp on field, don't want to get the plane dirty from you dogs feet.

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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On a more serious note... does anyone know if Sun-N-Fun will continue as scheduled despite the War in Iraq?


I was dissapointed to hear that the NCAA will be continuing as planned with March Madness. Then I started thinking about Sun-N-Fun. Its not that I'm concerned about travelling and I do believe in continuing with normal economic activities... I just don't feel comfortable with participating in anything that feels like a celebration... or anything that could be postponed until military personnel can return and participate. Specific to the NCAA decision, how many young military personnel would like to see the games delayed 45 days so they wouldn't miss them?!?!?!


Any thoughts?

This ain't rocket surgery!

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Speaking from experience, those soldiers won't be home for at least 5-8 months. Even if they decided that the war was over this moment and there was no occupation to do, the bulk of those troops would still not be back for at least 2 months. Just the way the deployments like this work. Besides, when soldiers are in a situation like what is going on now, hearing news of things like the outcome of the playoffs or other big events is a big boost to moral. I think the last thing we need to do is cancel or postpone events.


Just my .02 worth.



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