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Ok, there are ALLOT of flying planes represented by the members of this forum, we need your stories! How did you find your engine, what did you do right in your search, what would you do diferently if you did it today, etc,etc. Please take a moment from your busy flying schedule and tell us first time engine buyers.

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Well, lets see if I can squeeeze a reply in here, so much info to digest.


I have talked to quite a few A&P's and engine people and this is what I have done so far.


Decided on the engine

Went to google and did a search on airplane salvage, found a handy list of 20 or so salvage yards. After about 15 calls I found an engine.


Now I am having the logbook faxed to me, I have asked for the overhaul pages and the current info.


I will then review the overhaul to see if it was comprehensive or minimal. I have been told that the pistons should be replaced at a major.


I will then call the A&P that is in the log and ask him the condition and over all maint hist of the engine.


If all of this looks good, I will then drive to Minneapolis (just 11 hours) and visually inspect the engine inside and out. I will look for cracks on the crankcase and remove the spark plugs, stick a light into the hole and look at the pistons, cylinder walls and valves for nastiness. A double articulated mirror will help in this matter.


I would like to do a differential pressure test, but as there is no prop attached, so that wont be possible.


Any other points I have missed?


I am glad that i didn't find an engine in california, looooooooong drive, but i have discoverred, pilots drive cross country more that nonpilots. he he he

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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One thing I have noticed on this forum is that when it comes to getting information about aquiring or deciding on an engine, particularly if it is of the reccommended type, the responses are few and far between. My decision was made considerably simpler a few days ago when world events decided to alter my schedule. My decision now: wait and see what I think in a year or so.

Evan Kisbey

Cozy Mk IV plans # 1114

"There may not be any stupid questions, but I've seen LOTS of curious idiots..."

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If you want to buy an engine outright:


· Lycoming is now offering their IO-360-M1B to the homebuilder market. Their price for a brand new engine is just a few thousand over a rebuild price. It’s worth a shot.

· Same thing with the EXP kit engine from ______. (I forget the manufacturer, sorry. Superior maybe?)

· AeroSport Power in Kamloops, BC, will build an engine to your specifications with or without a core. DeFord and Zeitlin are two builders who seem pretty happy with them.


If you want to buy a rebuilt or overhauled engine:


· AeroSport Power in Kamloops, BC. (You supply the core.)

· Reputable rebuilders and specialty shops like Performance Aero and Lycon are worth a try, if nothing else than for cost comparisons. Most want to rebuild a core that you provide.

· US Aircraft Salvage (in Tennessee) always has cores, crankshafts, used engines, and rebuilt engines for sale. They advertise in Trade-a-Plane.

· www.barnstormers.com usually has a long list of engines for in their classified ads.

· Trade-A-Plane always has a long list of engines too.


If you want to buy a good used engine with some time remaining on it:


· Modworks. They have the “Call Lori” ad in every EAA Sport Aviation magazine. They remove working engines from Mooneys in for power plant upgrades. My engine is from Modworks. Most Mooney engines are IO-360’s with the dual pack magnetos.

· Try the local aircraft salvage companies.

· Contact your local EAA Chapter. You never know what someone locally is wanting to sell. My buddy George picked up a virtually new O-320 for his Long EZ for $4,000.

· Read the airport bulletin boards. (A long shot really)


Things to be aware of:


· The market has gotten so tight that many websites and T-A-P won’t list the prices. It’s a seller’s market out there.

· Know EXACTLY what you want and have the CASH available so you can JUMP on the good deals. Don’t torture yourself looking for engines if you are not ready to purchase.

· Subscribe to the electronic version of Trade-A-Plane. The website is updated daily. The good deals often disappear before the paper version is published.

· When buying a used engine, check the logbooks first. Unless you’re highly trained at what you’re looking at, it is really RISKY to buy a used engine without logbooks.

· When buying a core, make sure the seller will guarantee that the cases and crankshaft are “serviceable”. Get the guarantee in writing saying the seller will refund your money if the core and crankshaft cannot be overhauled or rebuilt.

· When choosing a rebuilder, get opinions from past customers. Don’t ever take the shop’s word for it. Go visit the shop, have them explain their process and the machines they will use. Check their work and their products.

· When getting quote on a rebuild, be ready to pay a few thousand more to compensate for additional things they might find wrong with the engine when they tear it down.

· Read this: http://home1.gte.net/res08ahw/Cowl-Engine/Engine%20&%20Cowling.htm

· Know that the Featherlite cowls are made to fit the O-360 just like the one on Nat’s airplane. The cowls won’t accommodate certain accessory cases. The Featherlite bottom cowl won’t fit an IO-360 engine.


There are a lot more Do’s and Don’ts. This is just my short list.


Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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