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Using Clickbonds to Attach Ailerons to Wings

Wayne Hicks

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I'd like to report my positive experience with using Clickbonds to attach the ailerons to the wings.


A Clickbond is a screw with a wide thin base instead of a screw head. You drill the holes through the wing's spar box area and though the aileron hinge halves as per plans. The Clickbonds are floxed in place and you put 1 layer of BID over that. What you end up with is no visible screw heads sticking above the wing surfaces. A very clean installation. I drilled the Clickbond bases and inserted a very small rivet to ensure the bases won't turn.


I've attached a picture. The picture is taken before I drilled the holes for the small rivets.


Wayne Hicks


Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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