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Just finished "Stick and Rudder" what's next?


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Great book, Though some of the commentary is a bit dated (1943). I think if Herr Langewiesche saw a Cozy He'd be sure it was a new kind of "safety plane" (and he'd be right) but he'd also look at the gear and prop and conclude the cockpit is backwards. A Defiant or Boomerang would throw him way out of joint no doubt.


So what next? "Theory of Wing Sections", "Fundamentals of Aerodynamics"...Any recommendations for good books?

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It's not the right time yet.


I'm one of those people who dives into projects at 100 mph, only to loose interest in a few months. I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy the plans until a cooling off period of 6 months had gone by-That puts my check into Nat right around my 32nd birthday in May (Happy birthday to me!)

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