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Fear Of Getting Started

Hank Stauffenberg

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Fellow builders and potential builders; I have to let you all know of an experience I had in the Detroit area with a group of builders (I call the three Musketeers). One of three Musketeers is very active in the Forum Mike (allies Dust). I found Dust through the Forum when he graciously aired on the forum to give away templates, fixtures and jigs to new builders. I could not refuse and made arrangements to make a visit to the build site to see a Cozy under construction. Dust informed me that I could not visit, but I could come out and be a slave for a day. I agreed to the terms and conditions imposed and made the trek from Iowa. I met Dust and Thayer at Dust's home and we made the 50 minute trek to the construction site. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the building, it was the home of the third Musketeer (Dave). Two Cozy's were under construction in Dave's basement. I inquired as to how they intend to get the birds out of the basement? The response was simple, cut a whole in the floor and take them out through the patio window. All I can say is that Dave has a gorgeous home and a truly understanding wife! After a quick progress update, I was handed sandpaper and away I went. We were working on the rudder assembly. The form was already hot-wired so we were prepping to put down the first lay-up. From trimming to sanding then to antenna install to micro fill to the first lay-up. I have to tell you folks that I was a bit leery of working/learning on someone else's aircraft for the first time. We completed the second lay-up and placed the peel ply and that was it; Piece of cake! It was simple, straight forward, and the instructions provided by Nat were clear and concise. So what is the problem with taking on a task of this size? NONE! What excuses do new builders have? NONE! So I leave you with to thoughts; No excuse is a good excuse when you are attempting to make your dream come true. Finally, this is not rocket science, so lets start building! My thanks goes to the Musketeers that took the fear away and the inspiration they instilled in myself to get started. I hope I get a chance to work with them again.



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