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Wellllllll when I saw that cannnnnnnard 100 feet from me I sorta headed that way, in a roundabout way, yeah right, direct gps point to point navigation, no vectoring around obstacles.


I was looking at the plane and noticed quite a few diferences between the cozies I am building and the velocity I was looking at.


One thing struck me and that was the wing tips, they had lower winglets. I didn't think velocities had lower winglets and asked the builder about it.


He said that he talked to Nat Puffer and then decided to add them. He then went on to say that allot of the velocities are adding them and he even saw them at the velocity factory where builders are working on thier planes. Nice of Nat to help the competition.


I also noted the front windshield was permanently attached and asked how working on the instrument panel was, I recieved the answer I was expecting. Hard, even with reaching through the canard cover.


On a side note, I asked him how the plans were and he said that they were not good, but that the company's support was excellant and pretty well made up for the plans deficiencies.

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Re Velocity lower winglets: They have been used since the earliest of the Velocity kits, some people have left them off. My 1999 plans include them. However, I purchased Alan Shaw's fast build wings, and he doesn't install them (lazy?) I had to go back to the factory to get a set of lower winglets which I understand improves low speed yaw stability. Mine flies short final great with them, I haven't flown without them.


Instrument panel access is far superior to spam cans that I have worked on. I have the removable canard cover so access is very good - although not as good as a Cozy.


Re the plans, I felt my Velocity plans were very good for a kit plane. They have been upgraded and are even better now. I have worked on RV's, GlasStars, and Lancairs. The Velocity instructions are as good or better than any of these. I have also seen the Cozy plans and I wasn't particularly impressed with them. All of these plans are good enough to get the plane built, but they all could be much improved. Low cost and superior plans don't go too well together.

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