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Direct Drive on a Subaru?


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Hello all,


I’ve been digging through 2002 CSA’s articles and I’ve noticed Charlie Airesman has several articles on implementing his Subaru engine in his Verieze. On the January issue he indicated he was doing 230 mph with a normally aspirated engine. I was curious about the various modifications that he has made to it.


I would like to know where I can get additional information on the following mods.

I’m extremely curious on how he accomplished this changes and would like find a detailed story on the success of these mods. I’ve thought about emailing him, but I don’t want to intrude. Does any one know him? Maybe I could get an introduction from someone?



The most important is how he came about using a “Direct Drive” on his Subu.

Unless he is keeping his RPM’s low wouldn’t he end up over propping?


His prop extension looks like a small log that is attached directly to his flywheel on his engine. No PSRU!!! Is this possible, if it is I would think the rotary guys would love to bypass the gearing.



Foam and glass prop that he made in a mold. A detailed description of this process would be ideal



Composite engine mounts. Has this been done before, are there significant difference between the two assemblies. Is there a way to do stress calcs on a glass engine mount?




Cozy IV project.


Redheaded Stepchild of The Canard Community :bad:

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<... I would like to know where I can get additional information ... I don’t want to intrude ...>

Go ahead and intrude. I seriously doubt he will consider it an intrusion. You might want to review the CSA articles first so as to not take up his time unnecessarily.


<... I would think the rotary guys would love to bypass the gearing ...>

You bet. But Soob generates some torque at 3000 rpm. Rotaries need higher rpm's to generate anything useful. Too bad.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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