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Eastern Washington State

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Located in Spokane and looking myself. I do know that currently there is one stranded at Felts Field from Arizona. I don't remember the owners name right off, I have it around here somewhere. You could at least get an upclose look...that's what I did. Would be nice to hook up with the owners when they comes back up to get it.

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Members of the unofficial cozy list get an XLS membership listing annually. I'm waiting for info from Marc regarding the confidentiality handling of this list. I know we (the members) dont want it posted on the web because we'd get deluged with junk mail from the web crawlers. In the meantime, here are the cities listed for builders in WA.



Gig Harbor








Any of these near you?

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Wenatchee is the closest. All the rest are on the other side of the mountains. I was just hoping that someone from this area was already registered on the board. I understand about the junk mail. I've been lucky though. You would be surprised at how many vBulletin boards I belong to with my full email hanging out in the wind. I get about 1-3 junk emails a day. Crawlers can’t index a vB site unless you actually install a hack that allows them to do it. Good for avoiding spam, bad for search engines. Anyway, I'm off the subject. Maybe someone could mention my inquiry on the mail list and give them my email or something. Thanks a bunch.



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