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DeltaHawk Diesel

John Whalen

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Any long time followers of the DeltaHawk have any comments regarding its development and potential to actually make it to market. From the website it appears that they may make it this yearand start sales and certification. I won't need an engine for 2 more years but I am looking forward to trying this one on for size.

Any comments?



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In 1995, when I started building my COZY, I went to OSH. I saw the DD there and liked it. It was only a year or so away from readiness at that point (as was the Zoche diesel, and who knows how many other engines). When I went back to OSH in 1998, the DD was about a year away from readiness, and was mounted on a Velocity (sans wings) doing some taxi test/demos. If they're saying (in January, here) that they'll be ready to sell them by the end of the year, it's apparent to me that they've got a slip rate of almost exactly "1" in their scheduling over the past 8 years at least, and that based on that, you should look elsewhere for your engine needs.


Undercapitalized engine manufacturers starting from scratch are a poor place to look for the most important single component of your aircraft. At least the rotary, Thielert and Subaru conversion folks are starting from known good engines, and the Continental and French (can't remember the name off the top of my head) diesels are well capitalized.

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