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Fuel Injection on O-235 L2C?

Sandy Cleland

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I have a Lycoming 0-235 L2C with the Ellison Throttle body. I am seeing a large difference between EGTs. (150-200 degrees) Yes, I have checked the probes for accuracy and looked for leaks. I'm told the fuel atomization is poor on the 0-235 to begin with. Would like to know if anyone has an "IO-235" flying. What the options are, reliability and costs might be in converting to fuel injection.

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If it was me, I would stick with the Ellison and take the hit on EGTs.


If you did put in fuel injection (I assume you are talking about mechanical, not electronic injection) you would still have pretty much the same problem you've got now since the O-235 doesn't distribute AIR evenly, and mechanical injection systems DO distribute fuel evenly. This would result in the same large variations in EGT that you've got now, and there's very damned little you can do about it.


Electronic fuel injection OTOH can be programmed to distribute fuel just as unevenly as Lycosaurus distributes air. But you would need 40 psi electric fuel pumps and all the attendant goodies. For what? You still have a Lycosaurus.


If you want even EGTs and smooth, even power strokes, get a Subaru or Mazda. There's no other way IMO.


Just a theory .... Jim S.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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