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Zinc Chromate Technique

Jerry Schneider

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Hey Guys,


I'm making the hardware for the hidden rudder bellhorns.

It says to use zinc chromate on the steel parts, and Alodine on the aluminum stuff.

I'm familiar w/Alodine, but are there any special proceedures to get good protection w/zinc chromate?

Also, I see it in Wicks, but what type of business could I get it from locally? (I'd kinda like to avoid the hazard charges.)




Jerry Schneider

"I run with scissors."


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Zink chromate is an older bright yellow type primer which adheres to metallic surfaces pretty well.There are the newer green type primers which are better in my opinion but,I guess that's another discussion.I would recommend,that the surface be free of any dirt and oils and since it is steel,it's fairly easy to scuff up a little without destroying the integrity of the steel.If you are going to spray it on,you will thin it with toluene.Contrary to what a lot of people think,you can brush it on with good success as long as you thin it to brushing consistency with xylene which will give it a better wet-edge retention.


Joe Cygan


Cozy MKIV #1022

Joe Cygan

Cozy MKIV #1022

Southern California

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I'm using the two part (A&B) yellow zinc chromate on all metal parts. Stuff sprays on nice and seems to stick well. Will only apply final paint on exterior metal part but none on interior parts only the zinc there. In addition, during final assembly I think it's a good idea to dip the bolts in zinc and assemble wet. That way the holes are coated and seals the bolt in nice too. For application where tubes fit into another like homemade ruder pedals and surface control tubing, I will do the same wet assembly.


Mark 793

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