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Wanted: Cozy MKIV Plans

Guest woody5

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Personally, I advocate purchasing your plans from Nat Puffer. The $500 you invest buys not only an outstanding set of plans that really do permit you to build a complete 4-place Cozy from the information they provide, but also Nat's ongoing support of Cozy builders world-wide. When you consider the investment of time and money that Nat continues to provide us Cozy builders after twelve years of MKIV plans availability, and a preceding five+ years of the 3-place Cozy design, it's a real bargain. Trying to save a few bucks up front by purchasing plans from someone else sounds like misplaced economics to me. I want to retain Nat's active participation in the Cozy builders' community and have been happy to pay him for the plans and newsletters as a token financial contribution toward his incentive to remain engaged.

Paul Kuntz



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I purchased a set of plans last year and then brought a project that came with it's own set of plans, so I have a set to sell. I also will include all the templates that have been made.

Asking $450.00 for plans and templates and newsletters.

Marcus AR Collins

Cozy Mark IV

Milwaukee, WI

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