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chapter 4 - hardest chapter


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everyone that is past chapter 4 is now rolling on the floor laughing, 4 - hard - no way it is simple, just some flat layups, no big deal, can do it in my sleep, well chapter 4 is the scarriest/mentally hardest chapter of them all.


Your doing things that you have never done and the mental push to start with these strange materials is immense, why else do so many take the longest time (in many cases years) on chapter 3?


Some tips


smooth foam doesn't take much micro, slop it on, squeege it off.


Coarse foam takes allot more.


Add lots of epoxy on the lower layers,pour it on - squeege it around, on the top layer don't add any at all and soak up the extra. Don't move glass with one hand - always takes two to keep fibers straight. Adjust glass in small increments for fiber straightness, if you try to move it two inches at once it will be a mess.


Get the epoxy in thin film quickly, sets allot slower that way. Mix and pour


Wax bench with johnsons or some other paste wax that has no silicones, makes bench easy to scrape off.


Remember when gluing foam together, make sure the joint is as strong as the foam (almost impossible to screw up) move fast - five minuite epoxy is quick stuff.


Remember, you are building an airplane NOT a spaceship and thousands of untrained plane builders have done this before you.



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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