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Blue Mountain EFIS going up in price

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For those lusting after a Blue Mountain EFIS - its time to act ....

They've added topographical info plus a few other things. The new display looks very cool. See http://www.bluemountainavionics.com

Unfortunately, but reasonably, the price is going up from $9,600 to $12,800 on Oct 1st. unless you have a deposit in before that date.

I've just GOTTA get one of these things.

John Slade


No affiliation with Blue Mountain except that I like the people and LOVE the product.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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deposit sent and as a note - we as the largest manufacturer of airplanes in the world, have to support new technology, especially at this price!


If we pick the right technology and buy it, it will become and stay real.


We need to group together financially as a large group and we can have new instruments at a reasonable price and new engines, etc


More on this later, just got home from a 2 week visit with my 2 week old grand daughter



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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