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hidden hinges and screws

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Will clickbonds work?


I think that the clickbonds will work for the ailerons if the method of attachment is reinforced with bid as Wayne described. However, it appears that you will not be able to access the fasteners on the rudders because the flange on the inside is in the way and the travel is limited by the hidden rudder horn(30 deg.). This can be solved by adding a 45 deg. wedge of foam covered with bid and flox under the clickbond. I have already done one wing and rudder using the nut plate bracket method and I have the parts made to do the other one, so I will use them, also this method uses tried and proven techniques and hardware(rivets, plate nuts, screws, etc). However, other builders might want to use the clickbond solution. Sharing information and methods between builders is the evolutionary process that makes these airplanes more and more valuable.


The best way to make the brackets that are shown on the drawings is to make one out of thin alumium or heavy paper and then flatten it to get the flat pattern needed. Then make a piece of hard wood the dimension of the inside (.92) and bend the piece in a u shape over it. Clamp the bent piece with the piece of wood in it in a soft jawed vise at the correct angle and bend the ears down flat against the vise with a soft hammer. This worked OK for me.

Jack Wilhelmson


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jack - the drawing appears to have a "flat" at the bottom/back of the ramp of the bracket. Is it there? this seems to make it harder to make ( I have to make enough for two planes, I think that amounts to 48, and the flat at the back seems daunting.


On the other hand if just ends up being a ramped all the way without a ramp, it doesn't appear to be very dificult.





maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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