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More kudos for Wicks

John Slade

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Today I received a bunch of parts for my fuel system. Unfortunately they didnt all fit together because I'd mistakenly ordered 3/8 NPT instead of 3/8 flared fittings in a few cases.

I called Sherri at Wicks and explained the problem. Her answer....

"Let me get the warehouse manager on the phone. He'll get the parts from the bins and screw them together so we can figure out what you need."


10 minutes later I had a list of parts that I needed, a box of parts to return for credit, and a much better understanding of how pipe and flare threads work.


Other companies would have said "

So what parts DO you need?"

and left it at that.


The people at Wicks are Greaaaaaaattttttt!

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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