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HAD IT with stripped cowling screws!

John Slade

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John Fleisher of Micro Fasteners www.microfasteners.com is now stocking 8-32x5/8 100 degree flat head torx screws part

number FCMXS0810. They are made from 302 stainless steel

and require a torx T20 driver.


The price is $14.50/100 in packages of 100 only. Shipping for orders of up to $100 is $5. They will send samples at no charge if you send your mailing address.


If you prefer to call or fax, use 800-892-6917 or

908-236-8120 for voice, 908-236-8721 for fax.


They have promised to offer 10-32's if enough people ask for them.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Have wanted them for years and was unable to get anyone to carry them. I asked if they could get them an little larger (10-32) and if possible also made to the same spec's as a MS24694 manhine screw.


I write a reply when they answer.




Dale Martin, 509-780-7320


Lewiston, ID

EAA Technical Counselor

Owl Eagle Aerial Composites


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