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Landing Speeds

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For Vance:


Ah........ I see landing speeds and elevator position are again in the spotlight. Your landing speed (touchdown speed , not flown approach speed ) will be the same as your takeoff speed. there are two technique here, set your elevator trim at some position trailing edge down, leave the stick where it lies at that position, add power and let the plane fly off the ground where it may.


The second technique involves positioning the elevator

somewhere......say neutral, (trailing edge inline with the canard) add power and then haul back on the stick to the stops, and accelerate to some arbitrary speed, waiting for something to happen. And happen it will, the nose will come up off the round fairly quickly, but the craft will not fly. IT will take about another 20 knots or so, of acceleration, to fly the airplane off the ground.


Generally speaking if the runway is rough you will use the second technique to get the nose wheel off the ground and then fly, sort of like a soft field TO in a convential plane.


With the above in mind, if you have built the aircraft within the

designers confines.......you will NOT run out of elevator authority

staying in the CG box with normal flying conditions.


Remember, it takes off and lands at the same speeds. If you are landing at higher speeds than taking off, it means you don't have the angle of attack high enough to bleed your energy off, to land at those speeds. This does not mean flying the aircraft at landing speeds all around the pattern or even on final, but do nail those speeds in the last 200 feet of descending altitude......... its called "flaring to land".


My cozy III lands and takes off at 68kts..... given average wts (about 1500lbs gross) I fly the pattern at 100 kts base 85kts and final at 75kts, that leaves me 7 kts to lose when the wheels touchdown....easy !!


Vance Atkinson

N43CZ 1500hours

Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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