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Exhaust Pipe Clamps

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For Eric:


Dear Nat and All,


In the most recent newsletter we are instructed to clamp each side's

exhaust pipes together with a stainless steel hose clamp just forward of the baffling.


At first thought that made sense, but I'm wondering if heat expansion of the individual pipes might cause stresses somewhere else in the pipes?


Additionally, they are each attached to an independent cylinder, firing at different times. We don't share a common piece of baffling between the cylinders because vibration may cause it to crack, what would make the exhaust pipes different? :eek:


I'm respectfully asking these questions looking for clarification in an important area. I appreciate the efforts that go into the newsletter and this group.



Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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I used several wraps of safety wire to clamp the pipes together, but it only lasts a few trips before it breaks and I have to use safety wire again. If you don't tension the hose clamps real tight, there should not be a problem.




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