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Wheel Pants

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For Dan......


Can anybody tell me which wheel pants they use, where they got them , and how much they cost. I am looking for some which will be efficient and not cost a house note. I looked in AC spruce and they have the MF-3 and MF-8 which cost about $150 per set and fit the 5:00x5 tire.Will one of these work?


Thanks, first step to increase speed,


Dan Cruger ,


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Guest Guest Flyboy

For Nat Puffer:


I have tried a number of different designs, over the years. I saw a design I considered to be the best, made a mold from it, made my own and adapted it to the Mark IV strut, and then sent it to Featherlite to make a mold for all of our builders. It has two different fairings, so will work on either the III or the IV.



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