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Welcome to the canard aviators community. In order to post to the Forum you will need to register yourself. The software will ask you for your email address, and will place a cookie on your system so you will not have to re-enter your user name and password each time you use the site.


1. Your email address will never be used for any purpose outside this forum (spam, vendors, etc). Entering your email address is useful to facilitate members contacting each other.


2. You have complete freedom to talk about any aviation subject you would like, and if there is enough interest in a particular area a new topic area will be created.


3. Finally the usual disclaimer applies: no sexual explicit references, no bad lanuage, be kind to your fellow builders, etc. We are all adults, friends and fellow builders. You know the drill.


Enjoy the site.


NICK Ugolini

Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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