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Enyone Who have pictures og the installlation on the Armrest to the back Seat


Best regard Kim

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Sorry, no C-III pics but here is a Long-ez--pretty similar.  It's a good idea to make the armrests removable.


I put some birch plywood tabs on the inside (pic 1).  Build the armrests and position them on the tabs, drill through for screws.  On the underside of the tabs glass some non-self-locking nutplates from the hardware store and use about two BID each side of the tabs.  I have had my armrests off 6-10 times to make wiring changes or other mods.  BTW, in a Cozy III you can gain a lot of front-seat hip room by making short armrests (pic 3, a Cozy IV).  1/4" foam is thick enough.




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