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Long EZ bulkhead diagram (front seat)

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Just going back through the plans for the xth time, noting something that confused me the first time...


In the plans, the front seat bulkhead references the "Front Side" and shows the bevel at top and bottom. To me, the front side would be the side the pilot sits on. But that appears reversed to me. When I look at the drawing showing the side view (sect B) with the notches cut for longerons, the front seems clearly the pilot side.


It would not matter except the plies front / back are different.


Is my brain just backwards?



Edit, forgot to add, the backseat bulkhead seems labeled front/back correctly...


And I did look in the CP changes for a clarification.

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Never mind. I figured out what my problem was. I assumed the first angle cut was the bottom, which would be backwards were that the case. The plans do not actually state which it is. You cut the next angle after the front face is glassed. The first one is actually the top, which makes it correct.


Odd that the very first step was the only one that I couldn't figure out after repeated study. Until looking again this morning.

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