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Long EZ fit for taller people

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Just thought I would pass on my experience sitting in the Long EZ on Friday.


I am 6'4 and 225 pounds, normal torso distribution. Size 44 jacket fits OK, 46 a bit large in the waist area.


Sitting in the Long, it was a very good and comfortable fit. I expected that, given the designer and his brother are about the same size. I had plenty of room at the shoulder, elbow, and waist. Kent has a cushion that I guess is about 1.5" thick.


I also sat in the back seat and found it comfortable, but knees bent with a shortage of real legroom. I could easily sit there for 2-3 hours however. Maybe longer.


Kent's plane has a lengthened nose. I had lots of legroom past the rudder pedals, enough to completely stretch out. Kent's plane does have a bit wider canopy with the standard width sides. Plenty of room. I could fly that plane comfortably for many hours.


Getting in/out was EZ enough. A bit like climbing into my formula V single seat race car, only much easier.



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