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Kent Ashton

Your basic Cozy

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FWIW, A while back, a friend sent me some pics of a for-sale Cozy he went to look at.  This one is overseas.  I have done several Tech Counselor inspections and never seen this level of workmanship.  It seems to me that this comes from builders who never made much effort to go see a Rutan design under construction, or see them at fly-ins.  If you look at a lot of them, you think "Hmm, I should do better."


All the vortilons appeared to be installed by cutting the wing.  It seems the owner landed NG up at one point.  The plans fuel gauges; don't see those very often.






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Someone needs to get one of these low-value Cozys sometime and do some testing to destruction, as has been done on other canard types. I'm sure the community would be able to crowd-fund the expenses if the airframe could be acquired for very little.  :bad:

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