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Jon Matcho

Cleco-saving Tip

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I am repairing a door for a friend's Glasair III kit aircraft.  The door comes in molded inner and outer shells that need to be mated together on the fuselage for best fit.  To do this I setup to use Clecos to hold the shells together, but just before I bonded my friend gave me a tip:  Replace the Clecos with sheet metal screws so you won't trash your $2.00 Clecos and have a much easier time removing them.


Last night I removed all the sheet metal screws and none of my Clecos were damaged or needed to be cleaned.






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You guys are funny.   :)


The canoe paddles are actually LDDs (load distribution devices).  They highlight the challenge with attempting to work on an airplane 30+ minutes from my house (not having the right tools, materials, etc.).  My checklist to go there is now two pages and after multiple trips I am still discovering things I need from the home shop.


Moral of the story:  Build your planes at home.  I coulda should had the wings taken off and trailered to my house.

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