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  2. Mendrop

    Cozy plans and parts for sale

    Michael, what are you asking for the canopy and windows?
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  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Fresh Paint on my Lyc

    Looks at least 15HP better now View the full article
  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Fly Wheel

    The O-360 I bought came without a flywheel. Anyone have one they want to part with that fits an A1A? Keith View the full article
  6. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cool Side Wiring

    Been having fun laying out and installing the heavier side of the wiring (battery, solenoids, larger wires). Bob Nuckolls designed my electrical system (Z-11 Generic Light Electrical System). Please let me know if you see any bad practices that I have done on the cool side of the firewall. It View the full article
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  8. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Weight & Balance

    Ok, I got figured out my A & B dimensions found on page 42 of the Owners Manual. The book says I should be at for “A”, 107”, I have 109.625”, “B” should be 20” and I have 19.5”. First, is this a real problem. Next, how do you determine the FS for the passenger, fuel and of course the pilot, View the full article
  9. COZY Builders Mailing List


    Ok, ok, I know what tare is, but how does it apply to the weight and balance? Every line on my VariEze W&B sheet has the Tare line? Little confused. Mike Scovel (313) 608-7202 ezdr...@sbcglobal.net View the full article
  10. COZY Builders Mailing List


    Folks: In case you're not on Tim's email mailing list, here's the Canards West Fly-In announcement: From: Tim Fisher Tim Fisher [209-996-9919] www.canardswest.org -- Marc J. Zeitlin marc_z...@alum.mit.edu View the full article
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  12. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    This Varieze project in Missouri today. No pics: VARIEZE • $6,000 • CLEANING OUT THE BARN • Varieze project with 0200 older overhauled.75 percent done .pictures on request • Contact William R. Rhymer, Owner - located Joplin, MO USA • Telephone: 1 417 529 6086 • Posted March 16, 2019 His January Barnstormers ad was asking $5,500.
  13. Voidhawk9

    Sales I've seen

    Congrats on the sale.
  14. COZY Builders Mailing List

    My big Oaf story

    Okay guys I really did it this time. Wrapping up the final details before taking the plane to the airport for taxi and flight testing. Decided today with these wonderful temperatures to open my second garage door to let some of the beautiful weather in, unfortunately I had the canopy to the Cozy View the full article
  15. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy: How much paint

    Michael wrote: How much paint did you use to cover your Cozy MKIV exterior? I don't need to know what brand or system you used, just the quantity to make it white. Also, please mention the amount of coats you applied. I would like to say that you DO need to know what brand of paint and the View the full article
  16. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    The Ramirez-Florida-Aerocanard project here has reportedly sold. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63031 I sold my BD-5 project too. Chap coming in a few hours to pick it up. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=62990
  17. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Aerocanard Project Sold

    At the request of the buyer, I cannot post who bought it and for what price. All I know is that the sale was quite interesting as I had several inquiries and two serious buyers. After sending a substantial but required amount of pictures and supporting documents, the one with the first deposit View the full article
  18. COZY Builders Mailing List

    CSA Newsletter Index Update

    Folks: Thanks to Terry Schubert, the latest CSA newsletter index is now available at: http://cozybuilders.org/ref_info/ Happy index searching. -- Marc J. Zeitlin marc_z...@alum.mit.edu http://www.cozybuilders.o View the full article
  19. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY: Alodine on Lift Tabs

    Tonight I put Alumiprep on my lift tabs (~3 minutes). I dried them then put them in Alodine for ~2 minutes. I took them out and dried them but it seems I could rub the Alodine off even after they dried. Do I rub off everything I can then epoxy them to the canard shear web or do I epoxy them View the full article
  20. COZY Builders Mailing List

    How Much Paint

    Hey Cozy fans, How much paint did you use to cover your Cozy MKIV exterior? I don't need to know what brand or system you used, just the quantity to make it white. Also, please mention the amount of coats you applied. Best, Michael Roe Cozy #726 View the full article
  21. Michael Smokovitz

    Cozy plans and parts for sale

    Complete unused cozyplans includes winglet and canard drawings, complete newsletters for cozy3. Also clear canopy and side windows and nose gear mechanisms or sale.
  22. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    This Varieze today. I could not track down an N-number. Crete is just S. of Chicago. SUPER NICE VARIEZE • $25,000 • AVAILABLE • Excellent condition, new paint, new interior cont 0-200 SMOH 752hrs tt, plane 569hrs tt Call or text • Contact Felipe Gonzalez, Owner - located Crete, IL USA • Telephone: 7735718138 • Posted March 13, 2019
  23. COZY Builders Mailing List


    Dear all, Wanted to share some pics of the last taxi test of EC-XGZ, which is ready now for the maiden flight. Wheel pants removed to prevent extra heat in the brake system on extended taxiing. Nose gear extended for strength test as well. Best regards, View the full article
  24. COZY Builders Mailing List

    OAF Item

    So I sandblasted the Lycoming engine I bought. It only has 589 hrs since OH but is over 30 years old and looked it. So I stripped it down and sealed it real good and had it sand blasted. Looks great and is ready for fresh paint. BUT I forgot to mask the data plate and it totally wiped out. Can I View the full article
  25. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Oil Filter Changing

    Just bought the angled adapter for the oil filter from B&C but I wonder how you change the filter without making a big oil mess? This has probably been covered but I wasn't paying attention to Lycoming info at the time. Keith View the full article
  26. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    This on Barnstormers, N8HA LONGEZ • $32,000 • BACK ON THE MARKET • LongEZ reupholstered seats. Call for details. Recent annual done • Contact William D. Day, Owner - located Talent, OR USA • Telephone: 541-890-6676 • Posted March 12, 2019 https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=8HA First seen here back in October https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=62563 No info, no pics, no sale. 😞
  27. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Missing page on the plans

    Hello guys. I have been following you for a while. I got an abandoned Cozy MKIV project a while ago, now starting to work on it. Idea is to check everything from the beginning. Will be asking a lot of questions. It happens that I have two Chapter 2 page 5 and none page 4. I would appreciate View the full article
  28. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY Forum at OSHKOSH, 2019

    Folks: I just received a Call for Presentations for OSHKOSH, 2019 from Mark Forss, with a initial deadline for requesting a time slot of May 1st. The COZY forum has been given at 1 PM on the Friday of the convention for a number of years in a row, and while that timeslot is not reserved for us, View the full article
  29. Re you still offering plans and templates for the Defiant? If so how much?

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