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  2. COZY Builders Mailing List

    IFR cozy

    Hello community! Dooes anyone made an ifr cozy? It was difficulty to do all the paperwork with the legal organizations? View the full article
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  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy Classic

    Hi All, If anyone has the plans/drawings for the Cozy Classic, could you please contact me offline. Thanks, -- Nick Ugolini, Charleston, SC LongEZ-N29TM (2895 hrs), Cozy 3 Project in the oven Canard fuel probes / Website / Blog @ www.nickugolini.com View the full article
  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cylinder - Pressure drop

    Hello all, Lycoming recommend 5" H2o pressure drop to cool our cylinder. Does somebody have an estimation of the corresponding massflow? it should depend of the oat? Thanks View the full article
  6. COZY Builders Mailing List

    EZ Noselift Extension Rod

    The installation instructions for the EZ-Noselift have us fit the manual extension rod so that it sticks out the instrument panel about 2".To those of you with the manual extension rods in your panel, can we install the rod so its closer to flush... perhaps protruding 1/2"? I realize that my View the full article
  7. Hello All,After Marc's IP discussion, I decided it was time to start finalizing my panel too. This is fun stuff.... and the planning part is cheap (free!!). Wish the real panel was cheap.... at least I own the intercom and the air vents. Please let me know if my switch layout needs to be View the full article
  8. COZY Builders Mailing List


    Is there any issue with having a stainless steel wire (spade) connector that attaches to an aluminum connector? Matt Bunch View the full article
  9. That's gotta be Steve Parkins project! Beautiful lines.
  10. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Strong Trim

    Does anybody know the maximum current draw on the 12 V Strong electric trim system? I cannot find my manual. Matt Bunch View the full article
  11. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    New one today. No pics or price. 2006 vintage N88ED https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/NNum_results.aspx?NNumbertxt=88ED VARIEZE • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Well built. O-200, glass cockpit, empty wt 640lbs, night eqp, oil filter, approx 1760ttaf. • Contact Jeff Martin, Owner - located Fayetteville, GA USA • Telephone: 3107224555 • Posted January 11, 2019
  12. Hello, Have almost finished my winglets and looking at the next jobs. The mighty Dave B organised my cowlings from the US in the same box as his, the cost of shipping was about the same in total as it would have been for either one of us on our own, and we got to split it two ways! I am about View the full article
  13. Fellow builders - As I inch towards the "finish" line, I need to pick a paint system. Just wondering if anyone in the group has ever used the Stewart Systems products, and if so, how did that work out? I like the fact that they are all water-borne, so not quite as nasty to be around as the View the full article
  14. Pez

    Sales I've seen

    Well, I've learned that writing on the internet is easier than writing on a bathroom wall. The previous commenter may be 100% correct with his assessment and claims, or may be completely false and inaccurate. His oil analysis does lend some credibility, so I'll definitely give it a close look. Not buying it immediately, but will give it a good look.
  15. Folks: Where would one get replacement Brock throttle quadrant cables (throttle, mixture, carb heat) if one were going to replace the cables due to wear or breakage? Yes, I know that it's preferable to replace the cables with new handles and Cablecraft or equivalent push-pull cables, but let's View the full article
  16. Do we know how to contact lambert who built the trailer that laterally lifts the cozy to fit within dot regs for rolling down the highway. I need his number or if someone Please forward to him my number. Steven scott 702.673.7780. Chiefp...@gmail.com I need to move my cozy to san diego soon. View the full article
  17. Kent Ashton

    hangar electricity and other rants

    Yup, if you can get most of what you need without complaints, feds, and lawyers, that’s the way to go, I believe. Still, it’s good to have the rule on your side. The FAA publishes these Assurances and rules but does not want to jeopardize an airport’s federal grants in order to enforce them for one aviator. So you can show a blatent case for illegal airport rules and the FAA will blow you off. They can invent excuses you can’t even imagine. For example, In my case the FAA approved of my eviction from KJQF because I complained under 14 CFR §16 and by exercising that 1st Amendment right to “petition for redress of grievances” the FAA held that I constituted a “litigious financial burden on the airport sponsor”. When I told them the Constitution guarantees a person’s right to complain without suffering airport retaliation, the FAA said “we can’t address Constitutional questions”. Grrrr. I have heard horror stories about folks painting in hangars and getting paint mist on their neighbors’ airplanes. I painted two airplanes in my driveway and they look pretty decent. Pick a calm Fall morning, get out there early before the winds pick up and have some tweezers ready to pick off the occasional bug. Actually, my spraying skills are a bigger problem than dust and bugs. Glad you are making good progress. I will come see your project sometime. Not far away.
  18. macleodm3

    hangar electricity and other rants

    Our local airport rules state that nothing other than X, Y, and Z can take place on airport property.... the list of accepted activities does not include aircraft building, and limits maintenance to employees of the company owning the aircraft or a contracted mechanic. I presented the recent (2016?) FAA statement to our local airport authority, with the hope that they would change the rules to include aircraft building. They say they would, and assigned the re-writing task to 2 board members. I helped those two write the new rule, but the bums never would finish up and present the new rules. Finally, the board said "OK, Andrew, we're not gonna re-write the rules.... but just ask us in writing when you are ready to move your project to a hangar, and we'll respond in writing that you can finish your build at the airport... But NO PAINTING on airport property." I think the no painting rule is fine. I don't think homebuilders should be able to put other aircraft at risk of paint overspray (if that is actually a real possibility, which it may or may not be). I must keep peace with the board, and they actually said they'd let a fresh project get started at the airport depending on hangar availability. They like to sell fuel, and projects don't buy fuel. I think any local airports should encourage homebuilding on aircraft property if they want to grow aviation at that airport. My local EAA chapter, 1416, Lonesome Pine, just went defunct. I am the only builder here, and the other guys just liked to plan a Veterans event every other year. There was no real interest in composite construction presentations from me, and nobody ever came out to see the Cozy project. I don't miss it... now I'm not a member of EAA any more either. Every EAA magazine is focused on Oshkosh... Kitplanes and CSA is much better.
  19. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Sorry you lost that one. Let us know what you think of N44TJ but when a seller is demanding de-registration and you know the engine has problems, it better be pretty danged cheap. I wouldn’t drive very far to see such an airplane unless the seller understands that. There will be others—lots of old EZ builders are aging-out these days. Wait for the estate sale! 🙂
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  21. Pez

    Sales I've seen

    Thanks. I'm going to look at it this weekend. It comes highly recommended, but I'll be doing my own assessment. Also, I was going to buy that 80CZ. I met the seller, agreed on his asking price, and he was going to fly it to me in a couple of days. A couple days later, I contacted him to lock in the meeting point, and he had sold it to someone else. Someone else must have made him a higher offer than his asking price.
  22. Kent Ashton

    hangar electricity and other rants

    Yep, nothing is a slam dunk with the FAA but I believe the intent of the rule, as expressed in the opening summary, was to stop the use of hangars as public storage facilities, cheap office spaces, or storage for cars and boats, etc, and to open up hangars to aircraft repair and construction (see the initial Summary). With that in mind, I think the language "the sponsor may adopt more restrictive rules" was mainly intended to mean "may adopt more restrictive rules about things that interfere with aeronautical use". Also, although the Summary specifically says that aircraft repair and construction are recognized aeronautical uses, a more restrictive rule that would likely pass FAA muster might prohibit welding and spray painting in a hangar or restrict maintenance to daylight hours. Anyway, it was a striking change for me to see this new rule in 2016 because in 1999 the FAA held in a complaint I filed that homebuilding and simple repairs were NOT aeronautical uses and I could be booted off the airport for complaining about it. What I want to do is make people aware that there is a rule in their favor that can be cited when airports just flat say "no work in hangars."
  23. Marc Zeitlin

    hangar electricity and other rants

    I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but the policy you point to above specifically say, in Section II(d): "While sponsors may adopt more restrictive rules for use of hangars, the FAA will generally not consider items to interfere with the aeronautical use of the hangar unless the items:" blah, blah, blah. So the FAA allows sponsors to be MORE restrictive, as long as you're not interfering with aeronautical use, with 5 "unless the items" definitions of interfering, none of which mention maintenance. I'm not arguing that they're not being assholes by prohibiting maintenance - I certainly believe they are - but it's not a slam dunk that you'd win any argument in court, given the statement that the sponsor can adopt MORE restrictive rules. I think an argument can be made that you're interfering with aeronautical use by prohibiting maintenance, but I also believe that an argument can be made that you're allowed to prohibit it. Don't know who wins that argument. Now, section 22 of the sponsor assurances document is stronger - paragraph (f) says: "It will not exercise or grant any right or privilege which operates to prevent any person, firm, or corporation operating aircraft on the airport from performing any services on its own aircraft with its own employees [including, but not limited to maintenance, repair, and fueling] that it may choose to perform." Which seems pretty clear, BUT, paragraph (i) gives them an out, by saying: "The sponsor may prohibit or limit any given type, kind or class of aeronautical use of the airport if such action is necessary for the safe operation of the airport or necessary to serve the civil aviation needs of the public." So all the sponsor has to do is claim (wrongfully, but they can claim it) that the activity will prevent the airport from being safe. Uggghhh.
  24. Kent Ashton

    hangar electricity and other rants

    A little discussion of airport law: My nearby public federally-assisted municipal airport requires a Storage Permit that prohibits any maintenance in leased hangars. This prohibition is illegal but I am not based there so it doesn't affect me. Nevertheless, this sort of prohibition is not unusual at federally assisted airports. Last year I read of a McKinney, Texas RV builder who encountered the same prohibition at KTKI. A private airport owner can do what he wants. In 2016, the FAA published a rule that aircraft maintenance and aircraft construction are aeronautical activities that must be reasonably accommodated in federally-assisted airport hangars. Read the rule yourself at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/06/15/2016-14133/policy-on-the-non-aeronautical-use-of-airport-hangars These rules eventually become part of the Grant Assurances that obligate airports built with federal funds. Violating the rule violates one or more of the Assurances, usually #22 or 23. See Assurances here https://www.faa.gov/airports/aip/grant_assurances/media/airport-sponsor-assurances-aip.pdf If you encounter this sort of prohibition, first bring the illegal prohibition to the attention of the airport sponsor (municipal owner) in writing. Then you have the choice of making an informal complaint to the applicable FSDO under 14 CFR § 13 or a formal complaint under 14 CFR §16. Next, these airports often use a storage permit clause that says "you agree that we can terminate your lease with or without cause" or "for any reason" (i.e., at will). This too is illegal. Nearly every state has a law that says a municipality is allowed to operate an airport so long as the public is granted the "rightful, equal, and uniform use of airport space, area, equipment and improvements." Here in North Carolina it is N.C.G.S. § 63-53. Google "airport" and "rightful, equal and uniform use" and your state and you will usually pull up your own statute or search your state's aviation statutes. In Florida, for example, it is Florida statute 332.08(1)(c). When an airport requires you agree that you can be terminated at will as a condition to granting you a storage permit, the airport is compelling you to give up your "rightful use" of the airport space, area, equipment or improvements [i.e. hangars]. The law calls it an "unconstitutional condition". If you encounter this sort of rule, you will have to seek relief in a state venue--usually a district court. The FAA does not enforce state laws.
  25. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    I tried to attach the PDF but I am byte-limited for some reason. Anyway, it comes up OK for me. This airplane, N44TJ, mentioned back in April '18 here. No recent news AFAIK. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=61483
  26. Hi, Can anyone identify the rubber engine mount shown in the photographs and provide information on where that I could purchase replacements? They are off of a Cozy III with a Lycoming O-360. Thank you. Palmer Palmer Reising (701) 770-8673 (513) 638-5156 Trust in Jesus and do good. View the full article
  27. Pez

    Sales I've seen

    Can't see the PDF. Any other info on this one?
  28. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Servo Booster Manual

    Here is the Servo Booster manual that Bob just sent to me and that I referenced in my previous email to the groups. Andrew AnunsonCozy MKIV #1273Chapter 25Pound, VA View the full article
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